Our First Half!

Our First Half!

Friday, December 31, 2010


So sore from my first two runs...total of 5 miles in 2 days...wouldn't think I would be sore but here I am with that great feeling where you feel like all of your muscles are tightening up! Today is a rest day and I am HAPPY to take it, although I will probably get bored and will want to at least walk on the treadmill or something. I joined the DailyMile which is a great site where I can log my runs and people give each other encouragement...it's been great so far, I have 8 friends (yay!) I'm actually getting really excited for the race...I'm glad I still have more than 75 days to prepare though because if I am sore after 5 miles, imagine how I will feel after 13.1! well, that's the update for today! I'm glad I started two days ago so it's not really a New Year's Resolution, because, at least for most of us, the New Year's Resolution to work out really only holds strong for the month of January and then tapers. This is a life resolution and a step towards a realistic goal so hopefully I can keep on it...at least I have the bloggers to keep me in check, and my DailyMile friends and Arpita, who is now a contributor and will hopefully be adding to the blog soon! Happy end of 2010 and can't wait for 2011!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here is our training plan for the week! From Hal Higdon's Site

MON: Stretch &

TUES: 3 m run
WED: 2 m run or cross
THURS: 3 m run +
FRI: Rest
SAT: 30 min
SUN: 4 m run

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Post!

Started training today for my first half marathon! I got my training schedule off of Hal Higdon's website and started today. Did I mention I started today? Okay I'm excited and this may be the only day I will ever be excited about this haha. I was technically supposed to start two days ago but I've been stuck in bed sick for the past week. I started out today by running 2 miles at a pretty relaxed pace (19:42--so just under a 10 min mile). If anyone has heard me talk about this, they know that my goal is to *finish* the half...not finish with an amazing time.

I am super excited as well because one of my best friends, Arpita, is training with me (as is her husband). Our first half-marathon will be on March 20, 2011 in Virginia Beach. This is the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon/Half Marathon and apparently the countdown is at 79 days, 1 hour and a handful of minutes! Woohoo! Can't wait (okay I can wait but I'm hoping that by the time this rolls around we will be all prepared!). We attempted to prepare by running a 5K in October, another 5K in November (Eve Carson Memorial--that is where the picture is from) and a 10K in December. I finished the 10K in about an hour and ten minutes. Not a fantastic time but whatever it was 36 degrees outside and can you say miserable?! Yea...I mean I guess that's what I get for training on a treadmill and then having to do the real thing outside!

On tap for tomorrow: 3 Mile run + Strength...hopefully we can get some followers to keep us on track and make sure we are ready for this milestone (hehe sorry forgive the pun!) ;-)