Our First Half!

Our First Half!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back after a One Week Hiatus (so embarrassing and sorry to my followers...)

Well everyone, I am BACK...officially back.  No more slacking off (hopefully)...it's time to get serious about this training.  Last week I was terrible.  I did ONE lousy run!  (3.5 miles).  To be fair...last week was VERY busy for me.  I ran on Tuesday but then Wednesday I had a day packed from 10am to 10pm and Thursday night I had poker night with the girls...I am NOT skipping that just to do a run (okay I probably could have run between school and poker night... but what did I do instead?  Baked this).  Then I had girls poker night and obviously that lasted into the night and was super fun.  Then I had to go home and pack to go to VEGAS for the weekend with my boyfriend who booked us a trip for my Christmas present, and also to celebrate our one year anniversary (we didn't get to celebrate it in Oct. because we had classes).  Anywayyy, we stayed at Caesar's Palace and had a blast!  I took a million pictures of both our stay in Vegas and the trip to the Grand Canyon.  Unfortunately, to go to the gym at Caesar's costs $25 a day (OMG!) so I decided to skip that and just get back to my running when I got back.  I felt okay about that because we had to run to catch our flight to Vegas and also had to run to make sure we didn't miss our bus to the Grand Canyon, so all in all, we did a little running ;-)

In front of the Venetian after seeing Jersey Boys!

Anyway, tonight I ran 3.5 miles at a pretty slow pace but honestly I was feeling really sluggish and unfortunately I have put on a couple pounds from our amazing vacay (I don't care...that burger was totally worth it).  I've really got to start losing some weight if I want to improve my speed (or at least that's what I keep telling myself).  okay okay I will stop beating myself up and will continue the training as if nothing has happened...  Here is what is on tap for this week:

Stretch &
3.5 m run
2 m run or cross
3.5 m run +
40 min
5 m run


  1. You are back in action lady! :)

  2. No big deal. I think Vegas is worth taking a week off :) Hope you and Matt had a blast!

    PS. we should practice running up Laurel Hill sometime soon.... maybe this weekend?