Our First Half!

Our First Half!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Running Playlist

I have received a few requests to update my followers on a running playlist.  So here's the deal, I get motivated by seeing other people who look good (i.e. fitness models and celebrities) even though those people's jobs revolve around looking good so they have to work out and most likely have a personal trainer to help them.  So what I do is that I watch music videos when I'm on the treadmill and just listen to music when I'm running outside.  I will give you both "playlists" although I am constantly adding songs or skipping songs that I'm sick of.  Here they are as of Jan. 3... enjoy!!!

Music Playlist:
Mausam & Escape by AR Rahman-- from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack and it is a MUST DOWNLOAD!  seriously, every time this song comes on my playlist I increase my speed by about 2mph.  So inspiring!
Liquid Dance by AR Rahman--also from Slumdog Millionaire--I like these first two songs because they have no words/lyrics, so it is harder to get sick of them
Jai Ho--ok last one from Slumdog Millionaire but this stuff gets me going!
Just Dance by Lady Gaga--I prefer the "RedOne Remix" featuring Kardinal Offishall
Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus--sometimes I'm a teeny-bopper
F**ck You by Cee-Lo Green--LOVE this song...one of my new faves
Misery by Maroon 5
Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas--this is good for a warm-up or cool down or when you want to slow jog--not too fast of a tempo so not great for when you want to sprint really fast
Back in Black by ACDC--the beginning part especially is great to pump you up
La belle et le bad boy by MC Solaar--this is French and is from a Sex and the City episode and I love it...I can listen to it on repeat
Piece of Me by Britney Spears--any song that has attitude is generally a good choice

Music Video Playlist:
I'm Glad by Jennifer Lopez--one of my all-time favorites.  It never got popular so it wasn't overplayed and the video is awesome--her body is amazing and it is themed around Flashdance so it's really fun.  Plus J.Lo's body is a somewhat realistic goal because she isn't a stick figure
LoveGame by Lady GaGa--great music video and Lady Gaga has a surprisingly good body as well
Stronger by Britney Spears--not going to lie, I got sick of this one very quickly and skip it a lot
Just Dance by Lady GaGa--good song, video is alright but the music is good
Alejandro by Lady GaGa--video is so weird, think Madonna "Like a Prayer" but it is entertaining and is 8 minutes long (I would skip the first couple of minutes)
F**ck You by Cee-Lo Green--love this song and the video is really cute/funny
Like a G6 by Far East Movement--good song, might get stuck in your head, video not incredibly entertaining
Poker Face by Lady GaGa--ok yes, I am obsessed with Lady GaGa, you caught me
Jenny from the Block by Jennifer Lopez--oldie but a goodie and I don't care if you guys make fun of me haha
Whenever, Wherever by Shakira--Shakira has a great body too and I never get sick of this song--probably because it is 9 years old and they never play it on the radio anymore (these are generally the kinds of videos I recommend because you are less likely to get sick of them)
Hips Don't Lie (Feat. Wyclef Jean) by Shakira--great song, makes you want to move!
Gimme More by Britney Spears--because no gym experience is complete without Britney
Candyman by Christina Aguilera--I had never heard of this before I went to download Dirty and it wasn't there!!!! (for shame) so I had to download this instead...I love it...the swing music and Christina are super entertaining...obviously she is beautiful and her body is amazing in it too so that helps with motivation--the song itself is catchy and will probably make you want to dance on the treadmill ha!
Replay by Iyaz--can't really explain why I like this, I just do...very catchy
Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) by Shakira-- this song is so inspirational...it is the World Cup song for 2010 and so it shows a bunch of highlights from World Cups in the past--so inspiring!
Wait a Minute by Pussycat Dolls--this song is awesome, can't say enough good things about it
Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado--good beat and fun to run to

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  1. Awesome list! This week I'm totally into G6. Great beat. I also have Imma Be... you may have already worn it out, but Boom Boom Pow is a pretty good 2nd song. I've been really getting into Flogging Molly and Missy Elliot. (what a contrast!) Missy has some dirty lyrics, but not in a degrading to women way.. it's a lot of fun! Embarrassing at first though, even though no one can hear my ipod! haha! I'm totally going to try out the music video/treadmill thing. I never thought to do that!!