Our First Half!

Our First Half!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So It's mid-week for week 3 of training.

First week - not so good.
Second Week - Pretty ok.
Third Week - although not awesome, I'm feeling really good.

Sunday was the long run and I ran four miles on the American Tobacco Trail. It was cold but it went really well. My hubs really pushed me to go faster. He does this thing where he runs two steps ahead and it keeps me pretty motivated. My knee was feeling awesome after this run also! We did a little yoga after which was a lot harder on my knee than the running.

For this week I started out with a little more yoga. There was no strength training - oops. Last night I did my 3.5 run. I did it on the treadmill because it's so chilly outside and super icy/snowy. Man did I forget how it was to run on a treadmill! I was bored out of my mind! Back in the day I could run and run and run on one, but since I've been running outside it's not nearly the same.

Little bummed today because I didn't do any cross or run 2 miles. I planned to but classes started up. I think if I can keep my spirits off and give my self some slack if I don't complete a training day I should be fine. I hope to at the least keep up with the runs... but I want to do most of the training as possible!

Hooray for a great start to our half :)


  1. Hey Arpita, I'm a friend of Lynn's training for a half on the same day as yours. Mine is actually on the American Tobacco Trail, so I wan curious on your opinions of the trail bc I've never been before! Hilly, flat, packed down, etc. Anything you can tell me would be great! Thanks!

    - Lindsay

  2. It's pretty flat, or at least the parts I have run on. Some of it's paved and some of its dirt. Some parts have extra gravel. It runs along a fill that used to be a railroad line.

    My friend is running the marathon that day too on the American Tobacco Trail. If we were not going to be in VA beach I could be there to support both of you!