Our First Half!

Our First Half!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last day of Week 1

Hello bloggers! Well, I finished up Week 1 of training with a 4 mile run. It did not go well to be honest. I learned a valuable lesson today...never run on a full stomach. Here is the TMI of my run: burping, cramping, flat out miserable run. But I finished...I guess that's the good news, just not in a great time (42:55). I knew on my way to the gym that I felt crappy, so I planned to do the run 1 mile, walk 1 minute routine. It worked out pretty well but I just felt sloppy and sluggish the whole time. Tomorrow is S&S (Stretch and Strengthen). I will probably do a yoga or pilates video...kind of take a day to relax a bit because Tuesday it's back to running :) Here is the schedule for Week 2:
Stretch &
3 m run
2 m run or cross
3 m run +
30 min
4 m run

And while this is not flattering, here is my post-run picture so I can show you all that I actually did it hahah! Yes I'm sweaty and gross and feel nasty but I completed Week 1 of training! WOOHOO!!!


  1. Oh yeah! Sweat it out girl! When I feel sluggish, I get stubborn and tell myself "DO it." Also, you can put on a song that makes you feel like a bad a**.

    After you shower, you'll feel like a rock star :)

  2. Thanks Jo! I definitely sweated it out hahah! Yea, I forced myself to stick to the training schedule and did it...now I'm glad I did. One thing I love about running on a treadmill is I watch music videos. The music is good and the videos distract me and keep me entertained. I particularly like watching J.Lo, Christina, Britney, Shakira etc. because the music brings me back to when I was in high school and I don't really get sick of it because I haven't heard it in awhile...plus they all have rockin bodies so it inspires me to run harder so I can drop some pounds...I also frequently listen to/watch music videos with Lady Gaga...because she def IS a bad a** hahah

  3. Your timing is SO NOT crappy. You have been running at a great speed... or to me anyway. I probably won't be running near as fast - especially with the break I have taken. Good job! You. Are. Awesome.

  4. thats a great time for 4 miles! i agree with Arpita that would have taken me longer haha. nice job sis, im really proud of you!